How To Decorate With Origami Wall Art

How To Decorate With Origami Wall Art

There’s no denying that a little redecorating is a great way to inject some new life into a room. But all too often we’ll move a lamp here or add a plant there and still feel like there’s something missing...and that’s where the walls come in. Decorating with wall art is the effortless secret to turning any house into a home, especially if you’re not quite ready to commit to a whole feature wall. It can be hard to find the perfect piece that balances a room without overpowering it though, but with the ancient art of paperfolding, you’re sure to find a subtle artwork that can also double as a showcase piece. Not sure where to begin? Read on as we give you the inside scoop on all things wall decor, with a little nod to one of our favourite art forms - origami.

Origami Wall Art


But first, what exactly is origami and where did it come from? The origins of this ancient art form are actually unknown. With the fragile nature of paper, there aren’t any existing origami models to prove its heritage. China is credited with the invention of paper though, and it’s not exactly unlikely that they would’ve folded that paper too! But either way, there’s no denying that the Japanese were the ones who popularised the craft and turned it into the art form we know today.

In fact, the word “origami” comes from the Japanese words oru meaning “to fold”, and kami which means “paper”. This might sound simple enough, but the small creases and intricate folds can turn out to be a real challenge! With a little patience though, origami can become a great activity to promote mindfulness and relaxation. As Akira Yoshizawa, the grandfather of modern origami, once said: “When you fold, the ritual and the act of creation is more important than the final result. When your hands are busy your heart is serene”.

Folding origami


And hey, we have to agree. Some may not know this, but Short Story actually grew from a birthday gift to one of our co-founders, Carolyn. In it was a simple box of Japanese origami papers that reignited a childhood passion for paper folding and ultimately bloomed into what has since become our iconic range of origami artworks

Inspired by heartfelt stories and childhood memories, each of these artworks are hand-crafted in Melbourne by one of our passionate artists with a curated selection of the highest quality origami paper sourced from across the globe. Thanks to this process, every piece has its own slight variations and is truly unique. For an extra personal touch, they’re then signed by the artist and packed in a beautiful custom-made gift box with a story card that inspires you to cherish your moments to the fullest. 

How we create our origami wall art

No matter what each day has in store, whenever we set some time aside to fold origami for our artworks, we’ve noticed that it becomes a great opportunity to reflect and makes us better able to think and focus for the rest of the day. It truly is an effective exercise in mindfulness! 

If you’d like to embrace this Japanese artform in your own home, click here to browse our collection of origami wall art, or read on to learn more about how to make them look best!

How to decorate with origami wall art


At the moment your walls may look empty, but they’re actually full of endless decorating possibilities. Show some personality, celebrate your style, or just spruce up a room that needs a little love - the choice is yours. But as we mentioned earlier, this task can be something of a balancing act between your existing decor and the wall art of your dreams. So before you start browsing, let’s have a look at what to consider when decorating the walls of some of your most lived-in rooms.

How to use our wall art in your home decor


First, the bedroom. This is where we begin each day, so it makes sense that the walls you wake up to should bring joy and inspire you to get up and about. These rooms aren’t often seen by guests, so they really are a great place for you to let your personality shine! Incorporating a variety of colours and textures will help bring your bedroom to life, and a much-loved location to hang some wall art is just above your bed. This is ideal especially for rooms that are on the smaller side, since the artwork adds depth and makes the room appear bigger. To maximise this effect, go for larger pieces and use colour to your advantage. If you have white walls for example, you could use a light-coloured artwork like this one for a seamless effect that extends the look of both the artwork and the wall, or opt for contrasting colours to create more focal points and really enhance that spacious look (like this one)!

Wall decor ideas for bedrooms


But what about a kid’s bedroom? With their bright curiosity and wild imaginations, kids tend to see the world a little differently than us adults. Bring out their creativity and create a fun space that they’ll love to be in by playing with colour and incorporating a little magic. Some glittery fairy lights or glow in the dark decor are simple elements you can include that’ll have them full of wonder (and actually excited for bedtime)! 

But during the day is when the colours come into play. It’s no secret that kids love colour, although their constantly changing tastes can leave parents unsure of which paint tin to pick up. For a hassle-free pop of colour without the commitment, opt for some wall art instead. Origami artworks are great for inspiring imaginative play and crafty projects, and creatures like colourful unicorns or bold dinosaurs are frequent favourites. 

Wall decor for kid's bedroom


When it comes to decorating a teenager’s room though, it’s important to get them involved in the process. They’re experiencing massive amounts of change at this time in their lives, making more independent decisions, and also learning more about who they are and how to express themselves. In this time of uncertainty, a teen’s bedroom is often their safe space where they can relax and just be themselves, so having a room that reflects their own personal style is more important than ever. Bring them into the redecorating process by having them show you what they like and what the current trends are, and offer them some guidance with your ideas and budget. 

In terms of decor itself though, this is a great time for some experimenting. Almost anything could work here, whether it be minimalistic posters, subtle pastels or bold geometric prints. If their room is on the smaller side, try using some of the tips we mentioned earlier to create a sense of space, or play around with colours and textures to make their room truly one-of-a-kind!

Wall decor for teenager's bedroom


Living room walls looking a little bare? The possibilities are limitless when it comes to wall decor for this room, so take your time to plan the look you’re after. You could use subtle artworks that complement your existing colour scheme, or go for something a little different for some added visual interest. To really impress your next houseguests, why not try hanging a collection of artworks? Collage-style decor can be a great way to both fill out a wall and create a beautiful display. If you have a few frames that are similar styles and sizes then arranging them in a grid generally works well, but if you have a few different pieces then place the larger artworks at either the top or the bottom and surround them with your smaller ones. This creates visual balance and prevents your decor from looking messy so you can achieve the stylish cluster look of your dreams!

Wall decor ideas for living room


Ready to redecorate with some wall art of your own? Click here to browse our range of unique origami artworks, all inspired by heartfelt stories and hand-crafted in Melbourne by our passionate team of artists. If you’re a Disney fan, check out our Disney-inspired artworks for an extra dose of magic!

Short Story's Disney-inspired origami artworks

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