The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt for Adults and Kids

The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt for Adults and Kids

When we were kids, Easter morning was second only to Christmas Day. Waking up early, we’d rush around the house searching for the sweet treats the Easter Bunny had left overnight. And then we’d spend the next week eating our body weight in chocolate.

But why should kids have all the fun? Just because we’re all grown up now doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the fun at Easter.

This fun Easter egg hunt turns the excitement of searching for small, brightly wrapped chocolate eggs into a competitive game that’s perfect for kids and adults. Play it with the grown-ups at work for a bit of office bonding, or get the whole gang together for a fun game at Easter brunch.

A Different Kind of Easter Egg Hunt

The basic idea of an Easter egg hunt is pretty simple. Someone (ie, the Easter Bunny), hides chocolate eggs and rabbits around the house and garden. Then, armed with a cute basket, everyone runs off to find them all.

This modified version of the Easter egg hunt follows these rules, with just a few elements to make it more competitive.

Instead of just collecting Easter eggs for the joy of gorging on them later, the goal is to get the most points in order to win the game (and an amazing prize).

Here’s how you play:

1) Nominate one person to be the Easter Bunny. They’ll be in charge of the game.

2) The Easter Bunny hides sweet treats around the home, garden or office.

3) Everyone else gets a basket and the hunt is on!

4) Each treat is worth a certain amount of points and the aim is to collect the most points.

5) Once the time is up, add up how many points each person has collected and figure out who wins.

It’s best to set a time limit for your Easter egg hunt to make it more exciting. The Easter Bunny can also call out hints to help the group figure out where the treats are hidden.

You can pick up a range of Easter eggs and chocolate treats from your local supermarket. Make sure they’re distinct enough so it’s easy to see which ones are worth more during the hunt.

We also picked up some cute Easter egg baskets from our local discount store. But if you can’t find them, it’s easy (and fun) to make your own with cardboard and sticky tape.

How the Easter egg points work

Each treat is worth a specific amount of points. The more points something is worth, the fewer of them there should be to find.

Here’s an example of how the points could work:

  • 3x chocolate bunnies - worth 40 points each
  • 5x lollipops - worth 30 points
  • 10x Easter cookies - worth 20 points
  • 40x big chocolate eggs - worth 10 points
  • 70x mini chocolate eggs - worth 5 points

It’s helpful to write down how many points each treat is worth so everyone knows.

Easter egg hunt prizes

Of course, your Easter egg hunt will need some great prizes to win. It’s totally up to you what prizes you’ll offer, but here are a few ideas.

Keep it on-theme with a cute pair of bunny earrings

Funky socks are always a great option for a fun prize

Origami wall art makes a unique prize for first place

Other tips for your Easter egg hunt

  • If you’re in charge of hiding the eggs, keep track so you can go back later and check they’ve all been found. Otherwise, you might find a squished up chocolate egg in six months time.
  • Think about how hard you want to make your Easter egg hunt. You could place things up high or in hard to reach places (make sure it’s still safe!).
  • Once the game is over, divvy up the Easter treats equally between everyone (chocolate overwhelm is a real thing!).
  • Why not arrange a special treat for the organiser as well? A nice bottle of wine, perhaps or a stunning scented candle. 

Are you going to host an Easter egg hunt? If you do, be sure to tag us @shortstoryhome so we can share in all the fun.

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